About You and About Us


We’re here to help you. We don’t really believe there’s a one size fits all approach, and prefer talking through your work with you to see how we can help you. However, we assume you want to know something about how we can help you, else you wouldn’t have found this page.

We find our expertise and the services that people find most useful, usually fall into one of six categories:

Producers & Project Management

Event Management Teams & Organising Committees


Creative & Technical Consultancy

Bids, Grants & Funding

Procurement & Contracting

You can find more details about each of these below.

If you’d like to talk us and discuss your work or ideas, simply email us here.


Will Glendinning founded Allium in 2008 and has long held the belief that your only unique gift is your creativity, be it sporting, academic, artistic or whatever else. Bringing that creativity to life – live – is your most powerful form of expression.

If you are going to express your creativity live – it’s worth doing it as best you are able and as enjoyably as possible.

Allium serves to meet the increasing demand for world class event-related expertise without the need or ability to appoint an event agency (or similar) and for those who want all the benefits of a world-class in-house event team without the hassle or cost of actually having one.

Expertise in the myriad of individual components of live activity exists in abundance. If you are faced with gluing the sometimes bewildering array of organisations, issues, stakeholders and people together though and leading a live project, there are no standard practices and few services to support you in doing so. We fill this gap.

We’ve become a trusted source of clarity and support. We work and cross-pollinate ideas across all sectors: sport, the arts, entertainment, marketing architecture and communication – on all types of event related activity, of all scales and in any location.

Producers & Project Management

We provide a range of services that give you all the advantages of an internal team without the hassle of having to create one from scratch or extend your existing team. We also operate in a way that reduces your risk and exposure.

We ensure you have the right resources and talent, at the right time in the right place throughout a project’s life cycle. We seamlessly glue together and act as both a portal and driving force for the bewildering number of people, agencies, companies, stakeholders and suppliers that can be involved in anything live. We do all of this whilst ensuring it would cost no more than if you were doing it yourself, with your own team.

Creative & Technical Consultancy

As creative, technical and commercial consultants (we typically consult on many other areas too!), we focus on making sure you deliver. We do this whilst maintaing creative integrity, tangible technical solutions, realistic financial results or workable operations. If it’s live, we’ll make it work!

With a world-class pedigree, we’re a trusted source of clarity and support, and are the secret ingredient behind many successful organisations and projects and we’re constantly cross-pollinating ideas across all sectors.

Event Teams & Organising Committees

Whether you’re developing or building an internal team or organising committee, starting a new company or building a team across different territories, we can help you.

We ensure both short and long term effectiveness and either eliminate or dramatically reduce learning curves.

Bids, Grants & Funding

Whether bidding for an event, applying for funding or a grant for anything live be it sport, within the arts or wherever else, you will need to be doing one of two things.

If you’re looking for funds to develop a new project or idea, you will need appropriate credibility to support your efforts and prove you have the expertise to undertake feasibility and development. This we can provide you with. Moreover, our focus is making sure you are able to do this and generate a positive, tangible outcome.

If you’re looking to deliver an existing project, event or series of events and looking for funding to support it or bidding to attract it, you will need to prove it’s feasible and that you’re able to deliver. Again, this is where we come in making sure you can, and making sure you’re supported. Importantly we also make sure you’re prepared so that when you’re successful, you don’t have a bigger problem than you did before your success – as now then have to actually deliver.

Procurement & Contracting

Live events and activity evolve rapidly, have a fixed deadline and there are many elements that will always be out of your direct control. You are also completely exposed.

Most procurement, governance or best practices rightly dictate a rigid and steady approach to sourcing goods and services. Live events are rarely rigid or steady.

We bring a whole range of tools and support that give you the rigid, steady assurances you or your governance need, yet also support the flexible and extremely rapid environment events evolve in. These needn’t cost any more than if you were to undertake all this yourself and in many cases will actually be considerably cheaper.

In other words, we marry the flexible with the inflexible – with great success.


What will it cost you What are your risks? What’s your best path forwards? Will it work? Is it worth you doing it? How do you make it viable? What are your options?

With our support, your feasibility focuses not so much on whether something is feasible (although this is important – clearly), but more on how to make it feasible, or tangible. After all if you’ve got to the point of thinking about feasibility, you clearly have a need or desire for something to happen.