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” Hi, I’m Will Glendinning, founder of Allium, world-class experts in live events.

If you work in sport, the arts, entertainment, media or marketing sectors . . . or if you’re part of a brand, an agency, in government or a not-for-profit organisation . . . I’ve some questions for you.

Do you find or consider doing anything live high risk or high cost?

Do you worry about the uncertainty and long hours?

Maybe you find confusing or conflicting terminology or practices common?

We speak to people like you day in day out and it amazes us that all these issues and the problems they cause are still tolerated. It’s crazy. It’s completely unnecessary.

Live events and activity can seem complex. You can find yourself dealing with a bewildering number of issues, people, and organisations that all need gluing together seamlessly. All of this with things continually changing, with a deadline set in stone and you’re completely exposed!

I’ve been lucky enough to commission, manage and deliver hundreds of millions of pounds of live activity around the globe.

In that time I’ve tamed the art and science of the business, creation and delivery of just about anything live – regardless of purpose, location, scale or sector.

I worked out why the issues I’ve been asking you about come up time and time again despite the fact great companies like these exist to support you.

What is the answer to doing away with the risks, confusion, long hours, high costs and a plethora of other complaints?

It’s simple . . . it’s you.

Let me explain. If you commission, pay for or organise live events or activity, there is no set way of doing it. How you approach doing anything live, when you choose to engage with people or organisations and what tools and support you use is therefore, down to . . . you.

As a result, your actions can have a far greater affect down the line than those of anyone you bring on board.

We exist to support you with world-class and highly regarded tools and support you can use in the right place and, crucially, at the right time.

We’re constantly cross-pollinating ideas across all sectors and have become a trusted source of clarity.

We’ve worked with organisations like these who have found our vision helpful and few other high profile ones we can’t mention, as their lawyers would have a field day!

Do you want to stop or avoid wasting your own and other peoples’ time and money?

Do you want to enjoy greater focus and clarity on what you’re trying to achieve?

And, like us, in the current climate do you think it’s time for greater agility and fresh thinking?

If you do, great – that’s why we’re here so either drop us a line or send us an email to tell us more about you. Also, enter your details in the box next to this screen to get instant access to free videos and training we’ve created for you that will help you with all of this – right now. Yes – it’s completely free.

Thanks for watching, hopefully speak to you again soon.”

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