Make Live Easy Academy

World-class training, support and mentoring from Will Glendinning.

Make Live Easy Foundations

The Make Live Easy Foundations are the cornerstone of everything we do at Allium.

You can use these foundations to help you commission and create live events the easy way.

This quick reference guide is absolutely free. Download your copy now, click here.

Make Live Easy Leadership Course

If you want to commission, create and lead live events the easy way, this course is designed for you.

There is an abundance of training for event professionals and there is an abundance of information and support for all the individual components of live events. If you commission or create anything live the support is less abundant. Until now.

How you engage and lead event professionals or organisations and glue together all the different components can have a far greater impact on your success than how those you bring on board perform. Find out more, click here.

Make Live Easy Management Course

Whether you’re a seasoned live event professional or have little or no experience yet have to support or work with live events; the Make Live Easy Management Course improves your performance and makes working with and managing live events easier for all involved. Find out more, click here.

Make Live Easy Mentoring

If you would like one-on-one mentoring from Will Glendinning, these requests are dealt with on a case by case basis. If you are interested in benefiting from more personal and tailored support on an ongoing basis to please send a brief introductory email to: